Lisa Walton

Lisa Walton
Chief Technology Officer
San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (Muni)
Lisa Walton is currently the Chief Technology Officer at the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA). In her current role, Lisa is responsible for the overall Technology organization as well as the strategic technology direction for the agency. The SFMTA manages all transit and street operations within the City and County of San Francisco. With an employee population of 6,000+ and over 2500 vehicles, and various wayside services, like parking, traffic signals, etc. She has more than 30 years of experience in business and technical areas and has worked in all technology domain areas, including: network, application development, service and support, data management, etc. This work has been done in a wide range of industries such as: retail, high tech, bio-tech and now in the public sector. Her depth and breadth of experience allows her to look at technology from a customer or users’ point of view rather than a technologist’s point of view. And while she is passionate about technology and what it can provide – she is more passionate about the people that make it happen. Her focus in any role is to meet the people, understand the team and how everything works and fits together.
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